Mojo has lost fascination.
A chemical correlation
in the moment of realization.
That slow drip to the
bottom of a heart.
Young lovers lost that spark.
Someone call Stella.
Ask her,
how she got her groove back?

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Flower Blossoms Wither in the Growl


This photo was taken days before the “Battle of Bastards”

A letter delivered via raven transcribed


My sweet flower.

My delightful piece of Brie.  (Brie cheese is a tasty delight don’t you think?)

My Love,

where art thou?

Without you by my side its

a perpetual state of ground hogs day (Bill Murray was great in this movie.)

I had hoped you would

have reached out to me

by this hour.

I miss watching the fear in your eyes

wash away at one glance into

my fierce mug (Mug in this reference is not a drinking apparatus but in actuality is a slang term for face.)

Desire; Submissively allow claws to gently clench

against your flesh as a reminder.

This nightmarish dream of vertigo

turns into warmth as you

fall into my arms…said the wolf.

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The Big Easy

Love is a fairy tale

Stories that travel to the moon and back

Girl you be just like gravity

Cause everything about you attracts

It’s me to you


It’s you to me

For eternity

Eternally, the witness

To view this gift given

Cupid’s arrow shoots through the air

A bond that pierces through the mist

Shakespeare on fire

Behind the curtains

Nipples caressed by fingertips

As her lips indulge in chocolates

Rose pedals wear fresh linens

The motions of emotions

As my boys prepare to swim

All signs go and then the launch

Life is beautiful

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Fembot 2.0

Fembot 2.0

You could search the cosmos for days and not find her
You could even be standing right behind her
You could follow the North Star in vain
Every moment of your life could be the same
Find inner peace and in that truth confide
Allow the karma to provide
The formation of pure desire magnified
The galaxy has spoken
A celestial body coalesce
Dimensions eternal compress
A star that was once fueled by
The gathered emotions of desire and hope
Electrolyzed in the supernova
Warmth in the wavelength
Transmitted from an ageless entity
Look up into the infinite quilt of pure energy
A shooting star paints a moon filled sky
Then fades back into the blackness
The wind whispered her name
For this love was preordained
As the biological alarm clock rang
Quantum physics expressed by a portal of pure light
A Vessel of prismatic dark matter
Delivered by an inverted event horizon
Her body shined of stardust
Transcendent of time
Beyond the concept of the human mind


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Dark Angel

Dark Angel

My loins are crazy for you.

My heart is crazy for you.

My snuggle technique

known as the lazy sweet pea

wants to practice all over you.

A feline walks in patterns of cuteness

into the teeth of a wolf.

Come to me my dark angel.

Come save me while I’m in

the disdain of this loneliness.

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Feminine Guile


Feminine Guile

To wake up next to her
Is a thing of beauty
If you could please excuse me
I want to devour you completely
So you don’t forget
What it’s like to lay on my chest
I want you
I want to hold you close
I want to feel your warmth
The build up
Underneath the sheets
The blankets trap the heat
And I think
What did I do to deserve this?
My heart feels like a furnace

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Vibrations of Warmth


Vibrations of Warmth

Her skin was soft

Her lips were soft

A poet in the past tense

She’s right in front of you represent


In the vulnerability

We’d feel safe

In the emoticon trade

What I crave…

As I’ve been lost in loneliness for days

Hey pretty girl at the end of the bar

Would you mind if I bought you a drink?

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