Memory Lapse




Memory Lapse

Inevitability on the edge of reality.

Somewhere at the intersection of duality.

It was the year that leaped over

a nest of cuckoo’s.

Tic Tok goes the clock.

The journey is non-stop.

Time is the loop.

The speed of light is the duration

relative to universal expectation.

Days become a time lapse of the Picasso.

Nights become a blink of an eye.

Glimpse into the unthinkable

as a rubber band of expansion retracts.

On the outskirts of dimension

the way is continuously milky

dipping into the hour of zero.

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This poem was inspired by time relative to age.  When I was younger I thought the days would never end.  The nights would last forever.  The older I get the shorter the season.  Days feel as automated as a breathe of air.  The nights vanish into sunrise. 



Dream Brain Waves

Original Art Credit: Denise D Art Everyday

Ride the wave

into the isle of duality.

Where man creates

an alternate reality.

Agaricus Bisporus (Mushroom)

based dreams

affect the atmosphere

of canvass.

Psychedelic recluse’s

garlic induced energy

clouds – project stunning


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Banana Trap


Banana Trap

The world is a barrel full of
Oxygen tan lines
That Masquerade as
Monkey panty-mimes
Fluid motions of congruent influence exerted
When the muscles relax
Take a nap on a bed of roses
Let the recurring nightmare activate the trap
Fall into the awakening
D-20’s instead of neckties
Ren & Stimpy T-shirts instead of the proper button downs
Sweat pants instead of khakis
Once your pockets are laced
With algebraic numerical devices
Take a look in the mirror
Zonked out of the gourd
Sight beyond sight
To such great heights
Use google maps at advantageous angles
To find a parked clown car
In the concrete jungle
On the corner of Baltimore and Fate
Like minded orangutans roll dice
They play for the real
They play for fate
They all know the stakes
Could someone please
Pass me a banana
I’m a hungry

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Zansabar: the Curator of Hallucination’s Game House



Zansabar the Curator of Hallucinations and The Drunken Game-Master sit down for some afternoon tea.

In moments of zen

As they pretend

The wormhole activates in brain space

Zansabar the Curator of Hallucinations, “We’re in bat country!”
“Why have you not summoned the Wyvern?”
The Drunken Game-Master holds a NES Original Controller. Also, its important to note that he’s wearing the patented “Mythril Tank Top” (also referred to as a wife beater by the pundits of popular culture).

The Drunken Game-Master responded with a delightful request,”Pound cake and lemonade sire?”

Moments of hypothetical hysteria diffused by positive reinforcement
It’s an important lesson to be learned
When the bender is real
Deep discussion of theoretical significance

Recent topics include:
1. Baby porcupines still hurt when you try to hug them?

baby porcupine    It was decided through hours of random incantations of the English vocabulary that indeed even though a baby porcupine is very cute to hug one…really hug one…would be painful.

2. Cloudy hallways tended by lovable teddy bears in cars that run on cartoon clouds.

Skeltorcarebarecloud   This brought on many words which described the philosophy of ‘Cheer Bear’ vs ‘Grumpy Bear’ and the race of destiny.  It was finally agreed upon that ‘Grumpy Bear’ had the driving abilities to win the race but at the end of the day they’d both preferred to live the lifestyle of ‘Cheer Bear’.  For reasons that no one can remember.

3. Candy Land has run out of the gooey gooey gum drops.

KingKandy     Zansabar pulls a purple card and curses in the name of “King Kandy” the lost king of Candy Land.  For he is far behind in this duel of Land Candy.  The Drunken Game Master found a whistle and somehow has warped passed Candy Land World all together. The Drunken Game Master and Bowser be chillen at the castle having tea time with a real life princess!

Zansabar, “Purple square is a shot of adrenal gland…Right?”
A high stakes game of intake.
Are we here?
Are we part of something bigger?
Is there anybody out there? (Insert trippy music emoticon here.)
Over 50 shades of whiskey the conversation turns.
Holli Would gets off…of the Italian leather sectional and laughs.
Zansabar says, “Whats 67 inches by 55 inches and has 24 colored circles my dear.”
“Twister you say?” as she looks back over her shoulder.
This request is most reasonable.
I’ll require more martinis however.

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The Regurgitation of Words


The walls of my mind are caving in

Claustrophobia is setting in

As instrumental beats are played in the streets

We walk in unison with the swagger

To spit hot jelly out of the thin air

Alphabetic anonymous

Randomness hypotheses

Merchant scrolls delivered by

Flying hippopotamus (Better known as the Phelddagrif)

Thee memoirs of dreams

Resemble stardust


Into the prospects of the future

Sudden vertigo

A cold sweat

Awaken to a grip of claimed pennies

Earned throughout the duration of the realness

Thrown into the fountain of many wishes

On a whim of seduction

I dream of genies but seek words with meaning

Hope is a powerful thing.

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Dream smasher
Rain catcher
The Weirding
Zur has left the building
Swam in that bowl of spaghetti
O’ Say can you see
Invisible Monsters
Tron of gravity
Motorcycles on laser beams
Neon lights on the Boulevard
Take that one way
To the great escape
The narrow pass
Reality shift
Consumed in vapor

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A spoon full of sugar Vs a balloon full of helium


Liquid Metal

A Shell of chromium

Particles of kaleidoscope spin

The good ole days

Induced with cheap booze

High grade gel-tabs

Memoirs of harmony

Babble of Alpha Centauri

Galactic momentum

The isotopes are melting

The Polar Bears are melting


Not the Polar bears

The icicles on the Polar Bears Fu-Man-Chu has melted

Organic Origami

The berg in the lettuce!

Where has it gone too!!!


The Northern Lights

Where the Borealis auroras

The sky is filled with diamonds there

As the disco ball spins

Translucent reflection

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Eat Salt Water Taffy (A reminder to those that may have forgotten)


The thing is

To re-write this title

Would cause an anomaly

Paradox of course

A most terrible death

Dear: The Reader

I’m not really satisfied

With the title

The issue here

Which you already knew

Since the loop is temporal

The portal resides on cloud nine

Only when in collaboration


Dimensions of the fifth

It is most certainly possible

That you have read this

On multiple occasions

The thing about time travel

you’re not actually going anywhere

Time is moving in a reversible chain

sporadic verbal usage

The director has spoken

Membrane of electromagnetic


A collaboration of dates applied

To exist


The heartbeat of spring

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In the recessions of the deep

How many leagues down will you fathom

 Burning desire emanates from the esophagus

Years of repressed thought

Success, happiness, love all a delusion

Subconscious is maintained and facilitated by imagination

SLIMER: I’m not afraid of no ghosts (One of the best ghosts in the world created in the Ghost Buster Franchise)

Lovable green ooze from a time of innocence

Travels from the unconscious to the subconscious

Ghost whisperer

Has determined

Laziness is the drug

Desire then becomes pain

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The chronicle of Zansabar The Great


This life beckons

A culmination of mishaps

Solemn simulacrum follows the crop rotation

On the mission of a land grant

The tax is real

Even if the seismic assault may be the end of us

Ancients wondered if the spirit of the dinosaur had endured

Metaphysical energy transfer

Surely somewhere in the symbiotic H2O

Reminiscence of their god particle still exists

The park was Jurassic

In a dimension before our inception

We were once just an idea

Founded by the principle of extraterrestrial

Around the time of Pharaohs

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