Fembot 2.0

Fembot 2.0

You could search the cosmos for days and not find her
You could even be standing right behind her
You could follow the North Star in vain
Every moment of your life could be the same
Find inner peace and in that truth confide
Allow the karma to provide
The formation of pure desire magnified
The galaxy has spoken
A celestial body coalesce
Dimensions eternal compress
A star that was once fueled by
The gathered emotions of desire and hope
Electrolyzed in the supernova
Warmth in the wavelength
Transmitted from an ageless entity
Look up into the infinite quilt of pure energy
A shooting star paints a moon filled sky
Then fades back into the blackness
The wind whispered her name
For this love was preordained
As the biological alarm clock rang
Quantum physics expressed by a portal of pure light
A Vessel of prismatic dark matter
Delivered by an inverted event horizon
Her body shined of stardust
Transcendent of time
Beyond the concept of the human mind


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Lazy Rainy Daze

Lazy Rainy Daze


As the rain falls I think of her.

How I yearn for her.

To tell her of my secrets.

To learn more about her ways.

She could lay by my side.

As I make her laugh the weight of the world is no longer on our shoulders.

These photos don’t do justice.

I’ve seen her naked bounty.

But, have never felt her skin.

I’ve seen a picture of her gorgeous face.

But, have yet to experience the vision of her majestic ambiance with my own eyes.

I’d like nothing more then to relax with her.

One day I’ll lay down with this woman and caress her hair.

Talk of the days to come.

I want to be the breathe of fresh air she desires.

To hear her sweet voice as she says good morning.

She would smile content then collapse back into my arms.

Awaiting my inevitable animal instincts.

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Lush Green


There is some sort of simpatico in the selection process.
The perfect woman and the perfect avocado.
An important lesson to be learned is to never judge a book by its cover.
Texture is important of course.
Not too hard.
Not too soft.
I guess you never can tell what is going to be on the inside by observation alone.
You must take them home and get them to open up.
There is so much to be learned about picking the perfect woman and picking the perfect avocado.
It truly is an art form.
You don’t want to end up with an alligator pear after all.
Perched somewhere in the kitchen.
Biding its time for the right moment to bite your head off (To avoid this situation on the regular stock up on wine in abundance).
Cause at the end of the day lives will be lived.
Time will age perfection.
Its all about the conversation.
When things become ripe the best way to open her up will be with words.
I’ll tell you this much.
There is no better feeling in the world.
Than opening up an avocado to see that nurtured lush green hearts center.
The seed of love.

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